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Important dates


Applications Available

June 30

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Evaluation of applications by Board of Directors


Feedback document to non-finalists

Sept - Oct

Finalist on-site reviews


Finalist reviews and selection of winners by Board of Directors


Recognize winners at a national Conference


Please download the following application and fill it out. The current year's application becomes available by April of each year. Once finished you can either mail the printed copy or e-mail it back to us. The NAME Application is a self extracting compressed document. It should be opened using MS Word 97 (or later version).

Click here to download.

Frequently Asked Questions

My organization is not very large and our maintenance procedures are very simple. Will that keep me from qualifying for the award?

Neither size nor complexity is a requirement for winning the award. The award looks for quality maintenance that is performed in a manner that is consistent with the needs of the business being supported.

What is the source of the benchmark data that is used for the applicant feedback document?

Applicants receive benchmark data that represents the performance of previous NAME Award winners. As such, the data is a high quality representation of some outstanding maintenance organizations.

I am a maintenance contractor. Could I qualify for the award?

A maintenance contractor could apply as a service industry business. Depending on the situation, a contractor might apply independently or with a client.

If I apply for the award, will I then get a "service call" from a management consultant who is looking for business?

The award is administered by a board of industry practitioners who want to contribute to the future of their profession. No data is released without the owners permission. No information is provided to anyone who may use it for business or competitive gains.

How is the award financed?

The award is financed through applicant fees. Companies represented on the board of directors also contribute the time and expenses of their board representatives.

My company is focused on being number one in their industry, why should we pursue an award that recognizes just a part of the organization?

The award is focused on recognizing maintenance organizations that enable operational excellence by providing capacity assurance. We believe that being number one is the consequence of all parts of an organization being functionally excellent in what they do.